Make More Room for Your Memories.

Takubo Industrial is one of the leading companies manufacturing steel storage sheds in Japan. We provide products globally with the goal of creating a comfortable living environment. We now sell our products in Germany, China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan with the brand name “TAKUBO MONOOKI”.
Storage is not just a place to keep stuff, but it is a room for your life’s memories. We will continue to expand our business so that TAKUBO MONOOKI will be useful to people all over the world.

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    FY2012 11.4
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    FY2022 14.7

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4 Reasons Why You Choose “TAKUBO MONOOKI”

It is well known that Japanese live in very small houses. Building an outdoor storage shed is a great way to make room for extra items. But you do not live in a small house like the Japanese, do you? So why should you choose a Japanese “MONOOKI”? Here are four reasons.

  • 1. High Weather Resistance

    In Japan, there are days below freezing in winter, but in summer the temperature exceeds 30 °C (= 86 °F) almost every day. In addition, there are many rainy days. Moreover, typhoons and earthquakes occur often. TAKUBO MONOOKI is made of sturdy steel, and with good reason.
    Climate change is a global problem today. It is difficult to predict where or when natural disaster will occur. You can’t be too prepared for that.

  • 2. Easy to Build

    TAKUBO MONOOKI has a simple structure that supports the strength with pillars and panels. The number of parts is small, so you can build it easily with no complicated process and you can do it by yourself (of course, it is safer to do that with companion). Even if maintenance or relocation is required, there will be little trouble.

  • 3. Abundant Sizes and Door Colors

    The most distinctive features of Japanese MONOOKI are those abundant sizes and the door colors. It doesn’t matter where you want to put the storage shed in your home. TAKUBO’s storage sheds have a wide variety of sizes. And you can choose a door color that matches the tones of the exterior walls and gardens of your home.

  • 4. Focus on Sustainability

    We manufacture products in Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture. Saijo is a land rich in nature surrounded by the beautiful Setouchi sea and Mt. Ishizuchi, a sacred mountain. We are developing products by environmentally friendly process to protect these nature.
    Many of our production facilities are now automated and power-saving. And we use painting method that minimizes the emission of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) that are harmful to human health.
    Most importantly, steel is 100% recyclable. We should choose a sustainable material.

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